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Complete 3D Rendering Software for Architects and Designers 

Lumion 2024 is Here!


Lumion is 3D rendering software made for architects who want to bring their vision to life without limitations or hesitation.


Design in the Moment with Lumion


With Lumion 2024, your journey from concept to creation is as fluid as the design itself. Let your ideas flow as Lumion offers immediate visual feedback enabling you to refine, perfect, and make adjustments on the fly.  


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Design in the moment with Lumion 2024 


Designed to enhance your creative process, Lumion 2024 empowers you to craft architectural designs with unmatched clarity, speed, and realism. With fully ray-traced, true-to-life previews of every space you envision, Lumion 2024 provides immediate visual insight for faster design decisions.


In this latest release, the ray tracing effect has been expanded to work seamlessly with 2,200+ nature items, translucent materials, and colored glass. With a single click, you’ll see trees and greenery vividly reflected in glass and water, the soft glow of sunlight diffused through a curtain, and vibrant, patterned shadows cast by stained glass.


And that's not all. With more than 5x faster video rendering times for similar quality, you’ll be able to create stunning animations in record time compared to the previous version.


Expand your creative toolkit with a wide range of new fine-detail nature assets, realistic characters, parallax interiors, and more. Combined with improved usability, UI enhancements, and streamlined import functionality, Lumion 2024 empowers you to fully unleash your creative potential.


Key Features:


New ray tracing capabilities

Lumion 2024 shines the spotlight on ray tracing. In this release, its scope has been widened to include translucent materials, glass, and all nature assets found in the library. 

When the effect is enabled, these materials and objects will automatically feature technically accurate, true-to-life reflections, refractions, and shadows, enhancing the overall realism of your renderings. Plus, the new ray tracing presets allow you to quickly select a predefined number of samples and bounces without having to tweak them individually. Choose from fast, balanced, high, extreme, or custom.

Ray-traced nature and fine-detail nature


Whether you’re designing a landscape, placing a building within its environment, or embellishing an interior scene, nature provides an unparalleled means of creating convincing, immersive visual experiences. With Lumion’s nature items now converted to ray tracing, this impact is elevated to new heights.

Ray tracing enriches your perception of depth and realism in a rendering by accurately simulating the behavior of light. It allows you to visualize exactly how trees, plants, weeds, and flowers will appear in various lighting conditions and environments, significantly enhancing the overall realism of your renderings.

For that extra level of detail, you’ll now see accurate reflections of your nature items in any reflective surfaces you place in your design.

Through ray-traced fine-detail nature, you can capture the most intricate details of plants and trees. Notice how every soft shadow and subtle reflection reveals natural shapes, patterns, and textures that help viewers visualize themselves inside the scene.


Ray-traced glass


Glass is a common material choice in architecture, with elements such as glass facades, atriums, or canopies contributing greatly to a building’s overall aesthetics and functionality. The introduction of ray-traced glass to Lumion now provides renderings with a deeper level of detail and technical precision. You can clearly depict how light passes through it, reflects off it, casts shadows, and appears reflected in other glass materials.

The new ray-traced glass toggle is ideal for intricate glass objects that you wish to enhance with ray tracing. Simply switch it on to reveal all the complexity and detail that would naturally appear when interacting with light.

You can also set specific properties of ray-traced glass, including distortion, light absorption, and emulated thickness. Define the thickness of your objects’ surface with the emulated thickness slider. Control the amount of light absorbed with the absorption slider. And adjust the index of refraction that appears with the improved distortion slider.


Colored glass shadows


It’s often the smallest details that can make the biggest impression. A colored shadow, cast from a tinted pane, has the power to completely transform the ambiance of a space. It introduces unparalleled visual depth, creates dynamic patterns, and redefines the perception of materials. Depending on the glass's colors, its shadows can infuse a room with warmth, tranquility, or vibrancy, profoundly altering the overall atmosphere and aesthetic appeal in an instant.

Lumion 2024 accelerates your creative process, providing all the tools you need to craft atmospheres as vivid as your imagination. You can paint with light, tell stories with shadows, and evoke emotions with color – all with minimal effort. By combining ray tracing with tinted glass materials, you'll witness authentic colored shadows instantly appearing in your scenes, dancing across surfaces as light flows into the room.

Translucent materials

Capture an ethereal ambiance with light softly diffusing light through sheer fabrics, or craft an atmosphere of elegance with the interplay of light and shadow on marble surfaces.

Enhancing the appearance of translucent materials with subsurface scattering is effortless in Lumion 2024. The ray tracing effect will capture the subtle interplay of light on surfaces and materials with stunning accuracy. Working with all light sources, it allows you to add a heightened sense of depth, dimension, and authenticity to renderings that incorporate translucent surfaces, materials, and textiles.


Performance enhancements


When it comes to ray tracing, Lumion 2024 unlocks a whole new level of efficiency in your design workflow, ensuring that your creative process is smoother and faster than ever before. Thanks to the integration of Nvidia Real-time Denoising (NRD), you can now preview your ray-traced scenes in real time. As you fine tune your scenes with ray tracing switched on, you can instantly see how your changes will impact the final result, eliminating any guesswork or waiting times.

On top of real-time ray tracing, Lumion 2024 significantly shortens render times, helping you produce accurate, crystal-clear ray-traced images and videos. With faster rendering times, you'll have more room to focus on the creative aspects of the design process, as you refine your projects with unprecedented speed and precision.


Real-time ray tracing

The preview window has undergone a dramatic uplift in Lumion 2024. When working on a scene, it's important to understand the impact of any changes on your final rendering. Now, you can experience fully ray-traced, true-to-life previews of every space you envision in both photo and movie modes.

The days of waiting to preview a change are over. You can now make faster, more precise design decisions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy at every step of the way.

More than 5x faster ray-traced video renderings

In the latest release, you'll experience enhanced performance of the ray tracing effect. Ray-traced scenes now render much more quickly, enabling you to streamline your creative workflow dramatically. Achieve a similar visual fidelity in video renders to previous versions with far fewer samples and with over 5x faster rendering speed for ray-traced scenes. With these improvements, you'll have more time for iterations and experimentation, unlocking new possibilities for your projects.

Improved color correction workflow for ray tracing

The updated workflow enables you to instantly see the impact of your color correction settings with ray tracing enabled. You can now experience smooth slider transitions when you make adjustments – without encountering excessive noise – and see them reflected straightaway in previews.


Library enhancements


n Lumion 2024, the library features a diverse array of new assets and incorporates invaluable usability improvements.

The new content ranges from new fine-detail nature to pre-made parallax interiors, and is sure to suit a broad spectrum of design types. Plus, you can now find what you’re looking for more easily, thanks to the
new search tags and thumbnails.

New library content

Accurately represent various styles, environments, and contexts in your designs with the new selection of library assets:

100 fine-detail nature items (Pro only)
Infuse instant vitality into your scenes with the new array of fine-detail trees and plants. Carefully curated to represent a diverse range of biomes and geographical regions, you’ll find models to suit any scene. Each species also offers multiple variations, including different stages of growth, to vividly illustrate passing time or changing seasons in your renderings. Plus, fine-detail nature is now compatible with ray tracing, ensuring that every intricate detail – down to the last leaf – is showcased in breathtaking realism.

45 static characters (some Pro only)
Characters offer an unbeatable way of incorporating a human element into your renderings. In Lumion 2024, you’ll find 45 new character models in the library, suited to a variety of settings. You'll encounter individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning from professional environments to leisure activities, ready to be placed in your scenes. With these characters, your clients can feel more connected to the design, more easily envisioning themselves within it.

26 brick materials
With true-to-life materials and textures, your exteriors can feel truly authentic. Add visual interest, depth, and detail to your scenes with 26 brand-new brick materials. From standard red bricks to narrow bricks commonly found in Dutch architecture, you can choose the perfect material for every setting.

130 decals (Pro only)
Decals offer an easy way of incorporating storytelling into your renderings. The new range includes wall stickers, warning signs, imperfections, and more, which provide an effortless way of showing context, adding character, or creating ambiance.

Parallax interiors

Easily add depth to interior scenes with parallax interiors. Lumion now includes a selection of 25 parallax interiors, offering users versatile design options for creating visually stunning, immersive, and dynamic spaces. These interiors feature both day and night versions and are designed to captivate and engage on multiple levels. You can find a selection of offices, retail spaces, and residential rooms to quickly enhance the visual appeal of your spaces.

Parallax interiors provide a shortcut to architects and visual designers when looking to add depth and dimension to an architectural rendering, without having to model every inch of the space. Parallax textures can be used to emphasize certain elements or to guide a viewer’s attention and focus towards key features or points of interest. They offer a quick and resource-light way of adding visual interest and complexity to a scene.

Improved landscape tiling

Ideal for sculpting terrains on a large scale, the new landscape tiling toggle in the material editor helps create smooth, seamless surfaces, eliminating visible tile outlines and enhancing realism.

Library search improvements: new tags

You now have even more control over the Lumion Library search tags. Simply remove, replace, or exclude tags with the following commands:

● Click: if the tag is not already present, it will be added to the search. If the tag is already present, it will be removed from the search.
● Ctrl + click: replaces the current search with the selected tag.
● Shift + click: excludes a tag from the search.

This intuitive feature makes organizing and refining searches a breeze.

Updated library thumbnails

With the latest update, you can experience clearer viewing of library assets. Now, all library object thumbnails appear against a black background, ensuring you can focus on the details of each without any distractions. Plus, you can now get a closer look at each object before placing it in your scene with the new large thumbnail previews. Simply hover over each item and you’ll see a high resolution image appear.

New example projects and templates

The Lumion example scenes offer you an easy, immersive way to navigate the software, discover its full potential, and draw inspiration for your own projects.


In Lumion 2024, you’ll find a brand-new, fully ray-traced scene designed to showcase the software’s latest capabilities, along with updates made to existing ones.

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